Saturday, October 8, 2016

"Doors and Windows"

I don't know how many other authors this happens to, but with the three books of my R&R Trilogy written and sent to Captive Quill Press, I was compelled to make a hard, belated decision.

This weekend I asked for all three novels not to be published.

I called it a hard decision in the first sentence, I see, but that's what one would call "sugar coating."  The choice went against my grain in a massive way.  It took around seven years for me to write Resolve And Retribution, Returns And Reunions, and Response And Rewards.  But I won't even keep them saved in personal files now, because I abhor the idea of making those in my personal life uncomfortable.  (Scenarios got over-the-top intense as my lead characters Ben and his vampire girlfriend Tabitha took care of business.) Besides, as the title of my blog says, there's always more fiction.  I have "what if" zinging around in my head all the time.

Also, I'm reminding myself about that expression which goes something like "when a door closes, a window opens."

To be accurate about current events in my author's life, there are actually a couple of windows:  I've started the process of writing a series of ghost story novels, and adult science fiction is saved in three chapters, just waiting in the wings.  There's a WWI British tank involved, in addition to a pretty alien who has telekinetic ability.

Hey, runners have got to run, and writers have got to write.

Bring it on.


Friday, April 22, 2016

I need to report for my day job soon, so this will be short.

Captive Quill Press, which is part of The Book Nymph company, publishes "Resolve and Retribution: Book 1 of the R&R Trilogy" in addition to "Returns and Reunions: Book 2 of the R&R Trilogy".

"Response and Reward: Book 3 of the R&R Trilogy" is still in the process of being written, with only a few more chapters left before it's completed.  Captive Quill Press will publish the entire trilogy, vampire fans.

I've got to go for now.

Have a great day, everyone!


Friday, January 29, 2016

Big Things, They Have Happened

This won't actually be a work of fiction itself, rather an update about fiction I've already written.

First, Xlibris Corporation is no longer my publisher for my first two novels "Resolve And Retribution" and its sequel "Returns And Reunions."

Second, both of these books have been re-written (the respective core plots have not changed) which has made them each a bit longer, but they're easier to follow along with now, I've been told.

Third, I've decided this will be a paranormal romance trilogy, so I've started to write "Response And Reward."

Fourth, my new publisher is The Book Nymph, a small, well-thought-of publishing house whose CEO happens to be one of my Twitter friends and an author herself.

Last but not least, my re-written, re-branded "Resolve And Retribution" novel goes on sale Monday February 1, 2016 for Amazon patrons who have Kindle, Kindle Fire, and similar devices.  After 90 days have passed, my book will be available via other online vendors as well.

I hope many readers get well-acquainted with the primary characters of my R/R series, Ben (ordinary human guy) and Tabitha (beautiful 17th century young noblewoman turned vampire.)

That's all for now, I'll be back later.

Michael W. Holman