Saturday, October 8, 2016

"Doors and Windows"

I don't know how many other authors this happens to, but with the three books of my R&R Trilogy written and sent to Captive Quill Press, I was compelled to make a hard, belated decision.

This weekend I asked for all three novels not to be published.

I called it a hard decision in the first sentence, I see, but that's what one would call "sugar coating."  The choice went against my grain in a massive way.  It took around seven years for me to write Resolve And Retribution, Returns And Reunions, and Response And Rewards.  But I won't even keep them saved in personal files now, because I abhor the idea of making those in my personal life uncomfortable.  (Scenarios got over-the-top intense as my lead characters Ben and his vampire girlfriend Tabitha took care of business.) Besides, as the title of my blog says, there's always more fiction.  I have "what if" zinging around in my head all the time.

Also, I'm reminding myself about that expression which goes something like "when a door closes, a window opens."

To be accurate about current events in my author's life, there are actually a couple of windows:  I've started the process of writing a series of ghost story novels, and adult science fiction is saved in three chapters, just waiting in the wings.  There's a WWI British tank involved, in addition to a pretty alien who has telekinetic ability.

Hey, runners have got to run, and writers have got to write.

Bring it on.


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