Wednesday, January 18, 2017

About What Happened Here Back On Monday..

Hi to all fiction readers visiting my Blog, welcome.

I've decided that the title for the first novel of my vampire mermaid series will be "Fangs, Fins, and Fortunes:  Book 1."  What I came up with on Monday (January 16) struck me as too boring, and I want my supernatural mermaids to make a splash!

To be honest, I don't even have an educated guess in regard to when this paranormal romance/fantasy hybrid story will be written in its entirety, much less published (I'm still working on my ghostly tale about a guy who finds himself drawn into a 1960 cold case with a haunted Studebaker rolling as his back up) but a Twitter friend got a "what if" idea sparked in my head, and it has caught fire within these last several days.  Since I've been a marathoner in my day, I just gotta run with it.

By this upcoming weekend, I intend to have a teaser page written here on my Blog, so if you and/or folks you know have an interest in reading about mermaids and vampires as they've never been depicted before, you're invited to come on back!

Remember, there's always more fiction.

Bye for now!

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