Saturday, January 28, 2017


"Huh?  Why would you ask if there's something wrong with me?" Peter demanded.  "I was just minding my own business, chasing down post-run wheat bread toast slathered generously with creamy peanut butter by way of my trusty orange juice.  Then whoa Allie, you blinked into our entryway like a young Barbara Eden, only dressed in a terry cloth robe, not the famous genie costume she wore.  You should get one of those in my point of view.  Let me write that down.  Oh, and good job, by the way, almost sending me into orbit without the inconvenience of having to pack rocket fuel on my person.  You better watch it, Alyssa.  I bet NASA folk hereabouts would get crazy jealous if you managed to pull off a neat stunt of that caliber."

"Um, did you mix some Red Bull with your juice, honey?"


"Are you sure?  I ask because quite frankly, you're talking faster than my Uncle Bart, the auctioneer."

"Hey, don't you go trying to change my subject, Beautiful!  Maybe I'd like to know what your malfunction is.  What were you doing, sneaking around to get ready for your reprise role as a pretty cat burglar?  Do you have another drama group gig, or whatever they're called?  As I told you more than once last year, you've already got the 'pretty' character description locked down.  Done deal, it's a wrap."

"Rein yourself in a bit, Casanova.  Flattery won't always get you off the hook with me.  I vividly recall our conversation about this, mostly because I wore my black Victoria's Secret lingerie that always seems to pop your eyes when I model it, and you couldn't keep your hands off my body."  She winked at him seductively.  "As for my 'sneaking around,' you never heard me coming due to the fact you were too occupied chugging straight from the half gallon carton you've still got in your huge left paw."  Alyssa shook her head as she joined him in front of their fridge.  "Seriously, Pete, did you regress back to twelve?"

"Oh, it's like that, huh?  Well, you're regressing, too.  My point is proven, dear wife, by your wearing pink fuzzy bunny slippers at this very instant."

Peter figured he owed Alyssa a wink, all things considered.

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